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Sunday, September 9th, 2018 - new car review

Mitsubishi update its Outlander Sport 2020 into Mitsubishi outlander sport 2020 so that it can compete with the other crossovers. That redesign may bring several updates, like LED brake light, leather inside, and LED running lights. This 2020 model actually did not redesign too much from the 2019 model. However, there are some changes for the 2020 model year. The front fascia and grille has been replaced, for instance.

New 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport First Drive


From the front of Mitsubishi outlander sport 2020, the front grille and fascia have been redesigned completely. The previous design has a front grille which was shaped trapezoidal and the grilles were outlined with the trim from chrome. The center was also vertical splitter. On the 2020 design, this car has an upper and lower grille which is shaped rectangular. The space between the lower grille and the upper grille owns the shiny finish which folds on top of fascia and the grille also extends under its headlights. The trim runs from outer corners of the headlight to the grille side and it creates a turn which shaped U to wrap fog lights.

Mitsubishi eX & Outlander PHEV

The appearance of the headlight is almost similar to the previous model but the fog lights push into from the mounting space, seeming like chameleon eyes. The headlights are same but these lights take place little farther. The lines of the body on its sides keep remaining from the previous model years but there are arches-like which are placed over the wheels. The arches did not exist in the previous model. The back lights still keep wrapping around the rear panels. However, it is set flusher with its body if compared to the previous models. Its folding mirrors are also featured with LED lights in the redesigned model in 2020.

Besides that, this car is also featured with 18 inches alloy wheels and molding wheels. There are also three color schemes which can be chosen and they are diamond white, Quartz brown and cool silver. On the back of Mitsubishi outlander sport 2020, the tail lights present the similar style in comparison with the previous year model. Nevertheless, the lip of the back hatch is quite a bit longer which allow the high stoplight to take a lower seat. The back diffuser on the tail fascia presents the similar style and its muffler is also presented in transparent.

2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Spesification

The 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Interior


Inside this Mitsubishi outlander sport, you will also find the redesigned interior. There is a steering wheel; three spoke, which is covered by the high quality leather which is finished with shiny cover around the bottom. The middle of the console is refined and simple and it offers the 4 WD button and two holders. This car sport is also featured with home link connectivity and an advanced 6.1 inches display system.

The interior of the Mitsubishi outlander sport 2020 actually is similar to the other cars in the segment of crossover segment. For specific model, its interior has two-tone color schemes with black colored plastic which make up the door trim in upper area, center console and upper dash. In the area under its interior, there are lighter colors, likely a new light of gray interior choice which is added for this model in 2020. All of the door controls are standard which include mirror controls, window, and door lock. The cluster of instrument includes a drive information center which has measurement, about 2,5 inches by 3 inches with a speedometer on the right and a tachometer on the left. There are also three basic climate controls and they are venting selection, speed fan adjustment, and temperature.

In the back interior of this sport car 2020, it has basic features which are almost similar to the front interior. However, this sport car is featured with a 60/40 seat which can be folded to preserve more space room when you need more cargo in your car. There is also light which is attached on the right to light the cargo space at the night. Because of the basic interior inside this sport car, you will be surprised when you see the subwoofer which may preserve the best quality sounds so you can enjoy playing and listening to music in your car. Completed with a boxy interior, this area of cargo probably performs like a large bass box.


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The All 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Release Date


This 2020 Outlander Sport is featured with either 2.4 L engine or 2.0 L engine. Both of the engines contain a cylinder head and block from aluminum but the 2.0 liter engine has 10:1 compression ratio whereas the 2.4 engine has 10.5:1 ratio of compression. The 2.0 liter engine can run up to 145 pound feet of torque and 148 ponies whereas the 2.4 engine will run up to 168 horsepower and 167 pound feet.


The Mitsubishi outlander sport 2020 provide seven air bags and they are dual stage front bags, seat side bags, driver side knee air bags and curtain bags. All of the airbags are basic in all of the level of trim. Active traction control and stability control can help this car sport to keep on the road and prevent this car from rolling backward when driving to hills. There is also monitoring system of tire pressure and alarm system to enhance the safety during driving this car.

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